Volumetric Weight Calculator

When you send a parcel, the price charged will depend on the weight and destination. To calculate the charge,we need to know how much it weighs. Weigh your parcel to the nearest kilogram, and enter the details in the boxes provided – the price calculator will calculate the cost. If you are sending multiple parcels to the same destination, you must include the weight of each parcel separately, as each parcel will incur an individual charge.

*Please note, when your parcel is received at our distribution centre, the weight will be checked for accuracy and a surcharge may be applied if the weights entered are incorrect.

If you send a parcel with other delivery companies (FedEx , UPS, TNT or DHL) the price charged will normally depends on the weight and when you send a light parcel which may take up a large amount of space (e.g. a box of pillows or a foam mattress), the parcel is priced on the basis of parcel size – this is known as volumetric weight.

SmartParcel have adopted a policy to calculate the charge for sending your parcel on weight only for all local deliveries and, however, if shipments are received of a volumetric nature we reserve the right to apply the appropriate volumetric charge.

SmartParcel recommend you to check your Volumetric Weight on your International parcel before booking online. If you are need more help , please contact our SmartParcel Customer Service Team and we will be happy to help you.

Please enter your Lenght , Height & Width of your parcel to get your volumetric Weight below.




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