GLS is known for its outstanding quality of delivery and customer service. Whether you’re sending a small package to a friend / Family or a large order to a customer, GLS is the gold standard in the European courier marketplace

  • GLS provides reliable parcel delivery to over 220,000 clients and offers years of experience to give you peace of mind with every delivery
  • GLS provides increased transport security for small packages that contain sensitive or fragile items
  • GLS employees follow a strict code of conduct to ensure quality services every time
  • GLS provides parcel delivery services to 42 European destinations but can also fulfil deliveries with their extended network to many other countries
  • Delivery times with GLS average between 24 and 96 hours
  • GLS provides liability up to the value of the goods, ensuring that clients receive maximum compensation should something happen to their package
  • GLS provides clients with real-time GLS shipment tracking in many different countries

GLS works together with the Royal Mail to provide some of the best delivery services available for packages destined for Europe. With its impressive track record, excellent delivery times and solid customer service, GLS is the go-to choice for both small and large parcel delivery within Europe

FedEx has been a leader in the transportation and information industry.FedEx Express Europe Connecting Europe for more than 35 years, FedEx Express connects people and possibilities, offering customers the benefits of access to the world’s largest air express network and an unparalleled European road network.

  • Connecting over 220 countries and territories worldwide
  • Almost over 50,000 team members
  • 78 Airports served
  • Over 25,000 vans and shuttles more than 6,500 trucks and trailers
  • Approximately 70 aircraft (inc. vendor operated aircraft)

On average, UPS handles around 15.8 million packages every day–that’s 12.4 million packages more than their closest competitor. This easily makes them the world’s largest package delivery company in the industry, offering many services targeted at both individuals and businesses. And UPS delivers remarkable services that go beyond shipping and tracking

  • UPS shipping is one of the most trusted parcel services that provide numerous shipment solutions in the United Kingdom
  • They offer a variety of services that cover all delivery requirements and budget constraints worldwide
  • With a vast network of couriers, UPS can deliver your items in under 24 hours if time is of the essence
  • UPS also supports a full range of international deliveries
  • UPS also supports a full range of international deliveries
  • For larger deliveries, UPS offers freight and pallet shipping services

With its incredible infrastructure and reputation, UPS is the number one choice for UK parcel delivery. UPS is the ideal service to pick for any kind of package delivery if you want express deliveries, international courier services, and a range of additional services.

For more information about UPS rates and restrictions, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Our friendly team will be more than happy to offer you a quote that you plan to send, regardless of if it’s a one-off service or a long-term partnership that you’re searching for.